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Miller & Siegrist Auctioneers LLC
Woodworking Power & Hand Tools - Closes Wednesday, January 31 beginning at 5 pm (3 items close per minute). Soft close - active bidding will extend closing time. Keep refreshing screen!

Item Description
1.Dewalt Power Shop 10" Radial Arm Saw 1400 Model 203607 with Cutting Table & Manual - one 10" carbide saw blade included
2.6" Dado Set
3.Black & Decker Quantum Pro Plunge Router with Straight & Circular Router Guides, Bottom Plate & Dust Collection Bag, Shop Fox Right Angle Jig (like new)
4.Four 10" saw blades (1 carbide & 3 steel)
5.Freud Super Dado Set
6.8" Dado set & 2 Plywood Blades
7.Dewalt DW 402 - 115 mm (4.5") Angle Grinder & Black & Decker 1/4" Electric Drill
8.6" Coping Saw, 2-10" Back Saws, Mitre Saw & Box, 18" Hack Saw (extra blade), Disston Crosscut Hand Saw
9.Tin Snips, Box Wrenches, Putty Knives, Paint Scraper, Wallpaper Scraper, 2 Plumbing Wrenches, Sload Knife, Vice Grips, Glass Cutter, Punches & Nail Sets, Scratch Awls, 4 Open End Wrenches, Variety Wrench, Small Diagonal Pliers, Spark Plug Wrench, Slip Joint Pliers, Utility Knife
10.Black & Decker Mouse Sander/Polisher
11.Letter & Number Punches with Round Weighted Base, Copper Cote Steel Rods 1/8" (10 lbs) 36 Ga Copper Tooling Foil 12" x 2'
12.AMT 20" Variable Speed Scroll Saw Model 5220
13.Hardwood Turning Blocks (Cherry, Maple, Walnut, English Walnut & Others)
14.Grizzly Knife Buffer/Grinder Model G1061 - 1 HP 3450 RPM 115 Volt 10 Amp with Buffing Compounds Jewelers Rouge, Tripoli, Emery, Plastic Buffing Composition
15.Atlas 42" Bench Lathe Heavy Cast Iron with 1/2 HP Grizzly Motor, 12" Swing, 4 Speed, Drive Center, Live Center & 9" 5" & 3" Face Plates, Small & Large Tool Rests with manual (work bench/table not included)
16.2' Stanley Level, Large Crow Bar, Bailey #5 Smoothing Plane, 18" Plumbing Wrench, Combination Square, Cold Chisel, Stanley Bench Plane #G12-060, 3 Tri Squares, 2 Spoke Shaves, RR Tie
17.Dewalt 1/2" Cordless Drill Driver DCD771, 20 Volt, Lithium Ion Charger, Extra battery, Carry Bag with Black & Decker Driver Index Set
18.Makita Model 9920 Portable Belt Sander 3" x 24" Sanding Belts 120 volt with Dust Bag , 4 boxes of 60 grit sanding belts, 2 boxes 120 grit, 2 boxes 180 grit
19.Norton 300 sheets 100 grit garnet sand paper
20.Norton 300 sheets 100 grit garnet sand paper
21.Norton 200 sheets 100 grit garnet sand paper, 100 sheets of 60 grit, 100 sheets of 280 grit sand paper, 100 sheets waterproof 400 grit sand paper, Clover 50 sheets Silicon Carbide Waterproof 320 grit sand paper
22.QEP 14" Monocotturo Tile Cutter
23.Dust Collector System (Bridgeport?) with piping
24.Grizzly Model G1182Z 6" Jointer 9 Amp 120 volt, 3450 RPM Serial 1998 (48" long) with extra set of blades & open end & hex wrenches + other accessories with manual
25.Black & Decker 7.25" Circular Saw, 1.5 HP with carbide blade and wood storage box
26.Ryobi Reciprocating Saw Serial RJ150V-02 Double Insulated 0-2300 strokes per minute, 120 volt, 6 amp
27.AMT Bench Drill Press Heavy Duty Model 4591 - 3/4 HP, 120 volt, Rack & Pinion Elevation 12 speed with Wood Mortising Attachment and manual
28.Organizer full of nails and screws, mini organizer with brass findings
29.Craftsman Tool box with Craftsman Socket Set 3/32" to 13/16" standard & 4 to 19 mm, with small and large ratchet drives
30.Handyman Nail Finder, Black & Decker Sabre Saw, Regent Shop Light
31.6 Jorgenson Parallel Clamps (5" wide)
32.Metal Vise
33.Small Jewelers Vise with Anvil
34.Dial Rods, Mitre Boxes, Jig for Picture Frames
35.Lathe Tools (4 Disston & 2 Craftsman)
36.12 Lathe Tools
37.Assorted Files including Set of 12 Rifflers & Buffalo Needle File Set
38.7 Wooden Barrel Taps
39.Assorted Ball Peen Hammers & Mallets, Crow Bars
40.Picture Framing Clamps
41.12 C Clamps
42.Assorted Wood Files
43.Masonry Tools
44.Hinges, Locks & Door Knobs
45.Porcelain & Wooden Knobs
46.Leather Tools
47.4 Brass Clamps, Old Nails, Antique Hardware, Washers, Clamps
48.Nails & Fasteners, Hooks
49.2 Framing Squares, 3' & 1' Metal Rulers, Nails
50.18", 24" 36" Metal Rules, Screws, Tacks, Utility Chain, Springs
51.Shelf Holders, Castors, Cabinet Locks & Keys, Brass Latches, Tool Handles, Bees Wax, Oil Lamp Parts
52.3 Parallel Clamps, 4 Steel Rules
53.Collection of Screwdrivers
54.Plumbing Supplies, Staple Gun, Caution & Duck Tape
55.Soldering Gun & Supplies, Wood Burning Tools, Fence Wire
56.Painting Supplies, Paint Brushes, Scrapers, Pans, Rollers, Hangers
57.Folding Rules, Steel Rules, Fine Paint Brushes, Compasses & Dividers, Corks, Pencils, Tin & Aviation Snips
58.2 Black & Decker Finishing Sanders
59.Sharpening Stones, Slips, Nails, Screws, Staples, Nuts & Bolts
60.Old Hardware & Hinges, Nails, Type Tray Hardware, Chalk Line
61.Electrical Wire & Supplies, Outlets, Small DC Copal Motors, Music Box Parts, Fan Control, Soldering Iron, Socket Set wit Nut Driver, Needlenose & Electrician Pliers & Tin Snips
62.7.25" & 10" Saw Blades, Wire Wheels, Nails
63.Compressed Air Fittings & Accessories, Screws, Bolts, Utility Knives, Jig Saw Blades
64.Wire Brushes, Spark Plugs & Wrench, Caulk Gun, Putty Knife, Forstner Bits, Pliers, Sload Knives, Sanding Block
65.Molds for Making Fishing Anchors Herters & Lead
66.Wrought Iron Wall Hangers, Nuts & Bolts, Small Metal Mitre Boxes & Saws, Mitre Box Wood Cutter, Heavy Cast Metal Parts
67.Dremel Tool & Abrasive Tools, Miniature Bits for Brass
68.Batteries, Glue Sticks, Nail Bags, Pencil Sharpener, Mounting Bracket for Wall TV, Wire Brush Wheel, Metric Measuring Gauge
69.Sanding Drums - various grits
70.Drawer Glides & Shelf Supports, Glass
71.Lacquer Sticks, Stains, Finishes
72.Tape Dispenser, Tape Measure, 4' Wall Paper Square, 4' Level
73.6 Jorgenson Parallel Clamps (two 8" and four 10")
74.Powermatic 14" Band Saw Model 043, 3/4 HP, 115 Volt, 7 Amp with Shop Fox Rolling Stand & Manual
75.6 Band Saw Blades (2 Olson 99"-3/8" flex back and 4 Morse 99"-3/16" carbon/molybdenum-bi-metal all .025 ga)
76.Books: American Axes by Henry Kauffman, Stanley Tools, Museum of Early American Tools, Antique Trader Tools Price Guide
77.Books: Shaker Furniture, Mad Toys & Mechanical Marvels in Wood, A Saw Screams at Midnight, The Toolbox Book, Architectural Ornamentalism
78.Books: Museum of Early American Tools, Early American Primitives, Antique Tools
79.Books: Newest Ways to Expert Woodworking, Shaper Handbook, The Tool Collector Magazine, Tool Booklets, Antique Woodworking Clippings & Articles
80.8" Delta 1/2 HP 120 Volt 3500 RPM 6 Amp Bench Grinder Serial # P9148
81.Ridgid 5.5 HP 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac
82.Set of Books: Getting the most out of your tools
83.Floor to Ceiling Oak Organizer with Galvanized Lined Drawers (over 300 drawers) (2 pieces) 94"L x 34"W x 87"H