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Miller & Siegrist Auctioneers LLC
New Shavers, Pocketwatches, Air Guns, Banjo, Tools, 2005 Honda Element - Closes Wednesday, May 23 beginning at 6 pm. Soft close - active bidding will extend closing time. Keep refreshing screen!

Item Description
1.2 Schaffer Men's Wrist Watches
2.2 Schaffer Men's Wrist Watches
3.2 Schaffer Men's Wrist Watches
4.2 Schaffer Men's Wrist Watches
5.5 Philip Persio Men's Waterproof Wrist Watches
6.2 Goer Men's Watches with Leather Bands
7.5 Men's Paul Jardin Wrist Watches
8.Eyki Quartz Ladies Wrist Watch
9.2 Philip Persio Men's Watches Waterproof Multi function
10.6 Jaragar Men's Wrist Watches with Leather Bands
11.6 Basil Men's Wrist Watches
12.6 Philip Persio Men's Watches
13.Orlando Men's Watch, Winner Swiss Made Watch, Philip Persio Face Only
14.3 Sea Surfer Timepieces Quartz Pocketwatches
15.4 Sea Surfer Timepieces Quartz Pocketwatches
16.4 Wrist Watches: CoAxial Encampment Limited Edition, Feida Quartz, WeDw, Sinobi Quartz
17.6 Cat Wrist Watches (Hello Kitty)
18.2 Pocketwatches
19.Pocketwatches Chains (Bill Blass & Others)
20.2 Japan Quartz Pocketwatch Necklaces, 2 Magnifying Glass Necklaces
21.4 Pocketwatch Faces (Japan)
22.2 Talking Watches, Benrus Watch, Kreisler Band, WBHQ Band
23.7 Magician Coins with extra CDs
24.Letter Opener, Counter, Gun Pins & Key Chains
25.Frary's Improved Spring Balance Hanging Scale
26.Hubley Cast Iron Motorcycle with Cop Rider (broken handlebar)
27.3 Colibri Quartz Pocketwatches
28.3 Pocketwatches: Thiel, Quartz & China
29.2 Camero, 18 Jewel Pocketwatch
30.2 Gruen Pocketwatches, Elgin Ladies Watch
31.Hamilton 17 Jewel Pocketwatch 974 Lancaster 1159382
32.Keystone Watch Co. Pocketwatch 358793
33.Keystone Watch Co. Pocketwatch 385477 etched train on back
34.New Era Lancaster Pocketwatch 185182
35.Keystone Watch Co Pocketwatch 361990
36.New Era Pocketwatch 217118 case 1047117
37.2 Pocketwatch Faces: Franklin Lancaster 8520 and New Era Lancaster 83515
38.Educator 10 by Hohnica Harmonica
39.N. Duke Street Lancaster Postcard, Winding Clock Keys
40.Old Cameras: Kodak, Brownie, Pony 135, Bessy K, Unimark, Eumig, Ricoh
41.Old Cameras: Eumig, Kodak Duaflex, Brownie Hawkeye, Argus 75, Bolsey
42.Panasonic Transistors, Cassette Recorder (all as is)
43.Polaroid Land Camera Model 95A
44.Outlet Strips, File Boxes, Display Cases with Key, Tripod
45.Reichsmarschall Hermann Gorings Keieghoff Presentation Luger #16999 Air Pistol with Wood Plaque
46.2 Single Action Fast Draw Army 45 Replica Air Pistols in Boxes (price times 2)
47.Air Pistol #1915 in Case
48.Colt Single Action Army .45 PeaceMaker Air Gun #14M70869
49.Marushin Derringer 6 mm Gas BB Airsoft Pistol
50.1915 Airsoft Gun Gesishert (WE Semi automi Gas Pistol)
51.2 BB Guns: Hahn 45 BB Single Action Revolver & Colt Single Action 45 Army
52.3 Air Guns: Liberty & 2 The US 36
53.1915 Airsoft Gun Gesishert (WE Semi automi Gas Pistol)
54.Caspian WE TSD Tactical .45 ACP Full Metal with extra clip
55.UK Arms M555AF & CYMA Toy BB Gun with Holster & Extra Barrel
56.BB's, Sharp's Rifle Book, Gun Key Chains & Miniatures, CO Powerlets
57.2 Pocket Knives, Belt Buckle
58.Framus Banjo with Stand
59.Trendy Guitar, Shred Neck Practice Arm, Musicians Photo & Suitcase of Sheet Music
60.Regulator "A" Wall Clock with Oak Case 31 Day Key Wind, Chimes (works)
61.Technics KN800 Electric Keyboard
62.Assorted Tools and Hardware, Dremel, Ext. Cord
63.Pink Depression Pitcher, Green Depression Plate, Candlewick Basket & Bowl, Silver Plated Pitcher, Cream & Sugar, Milkglass, Nippon Creamer, 6 Cups
64.Assorted Tools, Ext. Cord, Outlet Strips, Flashlights, Clamps, Wall Brackets, Coaxial Cable
65.Cleaning & Office Supplies, Shampoo, Mr. Clean Car Wash System, Postage Scale
66.Watch Master Tools, Coleman Drill, Braun Clean & Charge Bases
67.Box full of New Diabetic Socks, sizes 9-11
68.Norelco Body Only Replacements
69.NEW! 2 Panasonic Rechargeable Wet/Dry Shavers (RBE 365)
70.NEW! 4 Remington Micro Flex 200 Shaving Systems
71.NEW! 4 Remington Micro Flex 200 Shaving Systems
72.NEW! 6 Philips Shavers (2 RQ1150/17, 2 HQ7340/17, 2 RQ1060/20)
73.NEW! 2 Remington MicroFlex R-835R, Panasonic ES8092, Braun BodyCruzer, Remington Micro Flex 200 Shaving System
74.NEW! 2 Remington MicroFlex R-835R, Panasonic ES8092, Remington Micro Flex 200 Shaving System, Wahl System 4000, Eltron Rotary Shaver
75.Braun Clean & Charge Bases, Braun Hard Cases
76.3 Organizers (1 Full)
77.Huge Selection of Pen Making Supplies: Blocks for Pen Barrels
78.Lift Chair (works)
79.2 Fans, Heater
80.Shop Vac Wet/Dry 12 Gallons, 5 HP, Quiet Plus Series
81.Craftsman Air Compressor 15 Gallon, Model 919.167241
82.Rockworth ClassicAir Air Compressor (one wheel damaged)
83.2 Cabinets with Drawers
84.2 Cabinets with Drawers
85.3 Metal Shelving Units full of Shaver Parts & Supplies
86.Round Convex Mirror with Wall Bracket
87.Zoom 3 Wheel Electric Scooter with charger (works)
88.Razor E300 Electric Scooter with Training Wheels (works but no charger - uses same charger as previous scooter #87
89.Contents of Room: Shelving Units & Garbage Cans, Office Floor Mat, Lights
90.NEW! Shaver Combo: Freedom Shaver Wind N Go, Panasonic Arc4 Rechargeable Shaver, Remington Triple Head Electric Shaver, Wahl Cordless Shaver, Norelco Nose Trimmer 5100, Norelco Shaver 3100
91.NEW! Shaver Combo: Braun Cruzer5 Face, Wahl Metro Trimmer, Braun Series 3 Shaver, Norelco Nose Trimmer 3200, Norelco Shaver 1100
92.NEW! Heads & Used Shaver Parts (2 Shelves)
93.Office & Cleaning Supplies, Light Bulbs, Trash Bags, Clipboards, Dust Pan & Broom, Plastic Ziplock Bags, Zipit Cutters
94.15 Metal Drawers
95.True Hone Machine LC86 & Other Equipment
96.NEW! Norelco Shaver 3500 and 1100, Norelco Nose Trimmer 3300
97.NEW! Norelco Shaver 3500 and 1100, Braun Norelco Nose Trimmer 3200
98.NEW! Braun Series 7 Shaving System
99.NEW! 9 Philips Electric Shavers BBPT710
100.NEW! Norelco Shaver 3100 & Braun Series 7 Shaver System
101.NEW! Braun 8595 Activar System, Braun Series 5 Shaver System, Norelco Nose Trimmer 3200
102.Used Shaver Parts (2 Shelves)
103.Assorted Tools, Cleaning Cloths, Flashlights, Tool Apron, LED Light, Clear Plastic Bags, 600 A99 Sheets Sand Paper, Canvas Carry Bag
104.Assorted Tools, Cleaning Clothes, Flashlight, Display Light, Bed Pads, Fleece Throw
105.3 Tin Curtis Key Signs, Shaver Saver Service Plastic Sign, Cardboard Laminated Shaving Advertisements,
106.Canon PIXMA MG2120 Printer (new in box), Brother Personal 575 Fax Phone & Copier (new in box), Amazon Basics Laminating Machine with Laminating Paper
107.Magnavox DVD/CD/Video Cassette Player (new in box), Naxa 16" LED Widescreen HD Television with Remote
108.2 new Optimus 20" Box Fans (never opened), Optimus 12" Oscillating Table Fan (never opened), Optimus Desktop Ultra Slim Tower Fan, Honeywell Power Air Circulator
109.Sterlite Shelf & Contents: Small Round Wooden Dolly, Letter Tray, Box of Sterlings Luster Sponge, Office Supplies, Picture Light, Desk Light, Battery Operated Clock, Outlet Strips, Tape Dispenser, Skil Multi-cutter, Heavy Duty Ladder Hooks
110.Standard Blue Streak Wire & Cable Metal Box, Cable, Wire, 2 New Skil Multi-cutters
111.2 Folding Chairs
112.Boxes of Used Shaver Parts & Supplies (Cases, Cords, Batteries), few new shavers/parts
113.2 Shelves of New Shaver Parts & Supplies, Heads, Cleaners
114.NEW! Shaver Heads & Blades (all hanging on Pegboard)
115.NEW! Shaver Cleaners, Cleaning Solution
116.Empty Cases, Soft Gun Case
117.Swivel Display Cabinet with Key, Standing Metal Shelving Display Unit
118.2 Black Vinyl Bar Stools (swivel)
119.Stools: 3 Wooden & 3 Black Vinyl (seats as is)
120.Handmade Hand Cart, Grocery Cart
121.Rollator Walker, Walker, Pedal Exerciser
122.High Folding Director Chair, Adjustable Chair Stool, Swivel Chair on Wheels
123.Trash Can full of Pick Up Tools (no lid), Cane, QuadPod Bases for Canes, Little Wheels
124.NEW! (3) Norelco Razor AT810, Panasonic Close Curves Shaving System, Norelco Multigroom 7100, (3) Norelco Multigroom 3000 All in One Trimmer, (3) Eltron Personal Trimmer, Wahl Home Haircut Kit, (3) Norelco PT730 Electric Razor
125.NEW! (7) Braun S3 Shave & Style, (7) Panasonic Nose & Facial Hair Trimmer, (2) Wahl Home Haircutting Kit, Norelco Arcitec Razor 1090XD, (2) Braun Series 5 Shaver
126.NEW! Braun Water Flex Shaver, Braun Cruzer Beard & Head Trimmer, Braun Cool Tec Shaver, Norelco Shaver 3100, Braun Trimming Kit, (3) Braun Clean Cartridges, (2) Braun Series 1 Shaver
127.NEW! Eltron Rotary Shaver, Andis Styliner II, Philips Satin Shave, Remington Smooth & Silky, Norelco Women's Shaver, Norelco Moisturizing Shaving System, Braun Silk Shaver, Braun Bikini Styler, Panasonic 2082 Shaver, Remington Travel Shaver, Remington Women's Shaver
128.Shelf & NEW! (2) Norelco 1050 Arcitec, Norelco Shaver, (2) Philips SensoTouch Shavers, Norelco Je Clean Solution, (1) Norelco SensoTouch 3D Shaver, (1) Norelco Click & Style Shave Toolkit, (2) Norelco StyleShaver, (1) Norelco 1060 Arcitec, Norelco Air Systems & Filters, Norelco Cleaning Cartridges, Norelco Shaving Conditioner Refills, Wahl Trim'n Vac, Norelco Shaver 1100, Norelco SensoTouch, Wahl Metro Trimmer, Eltron Personal Trimmer, Wahl Trimmer
129.NEW! Ladies Remington, Philips & Panasonic Shavers, Braun Series 7 Shaver System, Philips One Blade, Norelco 8160 XLCC Shaver
130.OLD Electric Shavers: Braun, Eltron, Sunbeam, Elgin, Shavex, Nicholl, Packard
131.NEW! (2) Braun Series 9 Shaver, Norelco 6945XL Shaver, (3) Norelco Shaver 2100, Norelco Bodygroom, Norelco SensoTouch, Norelco Beard Trimmer 1200 & 7200, Norelco Multigroom 7100, Braun Smart Control 190s Shaver, Braun Series 5 Shaver, Braun Cruzer5 Face Shaver, Braun S3 Shaver & Style, Norelco StyleShaver, Braun Beard Trimmer, Braun Face & Head Trimmer
132.OLD Electric Shavers: Remington, Rand, Schick, Ronson, Lady Schick, Gillette, Oster, Voltage Converters
133.NEW! (2) Braun Series 5 Shavers, Panasonic Arc4 Shaver, Braun Series 9 Shaver, Panasonic ES 8243A, (2) Braun Series 7 Shaver Systems, Braun Series 7 Shaver, Bran Body Cruzer Groomer, Braun Cruzer Beard & Head Trimmer, Xenic Shavers, Norelco Shaver 7300, Remington Precision Trimmer, Philips One Blade, Braun Clean & Renew Cartridges, (2) Braun Shaving Conditioner Shavers
134.NEW! Braun Smart Control 130s Shaver, (3) Braun Beard Trimmers, Braun CoolTec Shaver, Braun Series 7 Shaver & Beard Trimmer, (2) Shavetronics 60 Second Shaver, (4) Braun Mobile Shavers, Cleaning Bases, (2) Panasonic Trimmers, (2) Braun Series 9 Shaves, (6) Braun Series 1 Shavers, (4) Braun Series 9 Shavers, Oster Trimmer, Braun WaterFlex Shaver, Braun Series 9 Shaver, Braun Series 7 Shaver System
135.NEW! (5) Braun Series 7 Shavers, (2) Braun Series 9 Shavers, (4) Braun Cool Tec Shavers, (1) Braun Cool Tec Shaver/Charging Station, (3) Braun Series 7 Shavers, (1) Braun Series 7 Shaver System, (2) Braun Series 5 Shaver Systems, (1) Braun Series 7 Shaver
136.2 Plano Plastic Shelving Units
137.New Braun Coffee Pots & Water Filters
138.Tall Lighted Wooden Display Cabinet 65"wide x 84" high x 12"depth (contents not included)
139.Large Selection of Pens and Pen Making Supplies, Swivel Displays, Stands, Display Boxes, Organizer, Shelf
140.Shelf and Selection of Magnifying Glasses, Round Table Top Cosmetic Mirror
141.Flashlights, Ice Scraper, Cable Lock, Dry Erase Boards
142.Sony Portable Radio (works), Braun Radio (as is)
143.2 New Black and Decker Dustbusters
144.Collection of Pens and Displays Boxes
145.Water Resistant Watch, Necklaces, Pocketwatch Chains
146.Collection of Old Children's Books, Nursery Rhymes, Treasure Island, Winnie the Pooh, My Bookhouse, Sadyebeth and Anson Lowitz & more!
147.Norelco Naptime Sounds for Baby, 2 Tiki Torches (new)
148.War with Spain & Philippines Book - copyright 1900 General Marcus Wright, War Records Office, Washington
149.Box full of New Diabetic Socks, sizes 9-11
150.Supplies for Pocketwatches, Magnifying Glasses, Letter Openers, Barometers, Boxes (with Switches), Watch Book
151.Slag Glass Type Hanging Lamp (works)
152.Collection of Old Hand Razors, Straight Razors
153.Carriage bells, Hanging Bell (no ringer)
154.Collection of Old Hand Razors (in boxes) Valet, Ronson, Gem, Star - Wilkinson - Old Electric Razor
155.Collection of Old Hand Razors (in boxes), including Strap and Brush, Star, Valet, Ronson, Gillette, Christy
156.Old Shavers & Advertising Pieces, Gillette Shaver with Gorham Sterling Silver Handle, Kriss Kross Stropper and Razor, Gillette Tin Lid (no bottom), Valet, Humpfer Razor Stropping Machine
157.Large Floor Model Display Case with Sliding Glass Doors and Sliding Lock & Key 72"w x 20"d x 37"h
158.Gardening Tools & Supplies, Tool Caddy, Gas Can, Shovel, Scraper, Pruner, Trimmer, Sprinkler/Timer, Galvanized Bucket, Spreader, Sprayer
159.Kneeling Bench, Sprinklers/Timer, Snow Shovel, Broom, New Pop Up Garden Bag, Handles, Gardening Items, Bulb Planter
160.Sellers Kitchen Cabinet (as is)
161.Flower Pots & Planters, Crocks, Jardinières, 2 Shelving Units (one metal, one plastic), Plastic Watering Can
162.Metal Shelving Unit, Spotlights, Long Handle Nozzle, Cleaning Cloths, Hand Saw, Gun Cleaning Kit, Grounding Adapter, Box Lot, Weedeater Line
163.Small Saw Horses, Oil Drain Pan, Sander, AC (as is), Metal Shelving Unit
164.2 Metal Shelves, Paint Sprayers, Battery Charger, Small Suit Case, Carrying Case, Drop Cloth, Small Folding Table (all as is)
165.Wooden Shelf & Collector Plates, Christmas Lights
166.Magic Trick Supplies, Toy Tool Kit (new), Halloween Decoration
167.Car Cleaning Supplies, Car Detailer, Old Shop Vac (no hose), Air Tool Accessory Kit, Tool Belt
168.2 Sterlite Shelving Units (one new in box), 2 Fans
169.Empty Tool Box, Husky Tool Tote Bag (new), Hay Hook, New Powermate 1/2: Air Impact Wrench (never opened), Empty Circular Saw Case
170.Records (Beatles, Ray Charles & lots more!)
171.Husky Portable Air Compressor 4 Gallons
172.4 Horseshoes, 2 Stakes
173.Digging Iron, Edger
174.Weedeater, Black & Decker Electric Edger (works)
175.Mantis Flowerbed Tiller with Extra Blades, Ryobi Weedeater
176.McCullough Electric Chain Saw (works)
177.Honda HRA 214 Hand Mower with Bagger (pulls easy, no gas)
178.Toro Power Shovel (works)
179.Little Giant Folding Ladder M17 - 10302 (up to 15'), Step Stool
180.Grocery Cart, Garbage Can (no lid), waste can
181.Lionel Train Engine 261E
182.Cuff Links, Tie Clips, Lapel Pins, Pocketknives
183.Armstrong Service Award Charms (20, 25, 30, 35, 40 years) 10k and 14k gold
184.Violin / Fiddle - marked Josef Guarnerius fecit Cromonae anno 1776 IHS Conservatory stamped on back, 23"
185.Violin / Fiddle - marked Markneukirchen 1925 Made in Germany Reproduction of Antonius Stradivarius, 23"
186.2 Clip On Table Top Lights
187.2005 Honda Element EX - AWD, Sport Utility, Engine: 2.4L I4 MPI, only 12,450 miles, some scrapes and dents, just inspected. One owner, garage kept. VIN: 5J6YH28695L009425
188.Skil Hand Grinder, Grabber Tool
189.Norelco Belt Buckle
190.Lighted OPEN sign, Open/Close sign with suction cups for window