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Miller & Siegrist Auctioneers LLC
Complete Professional Auction Service
Miller & Siegrist Auctioneers LLC
Complete Professional Auction Service

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Miller & Siegrist Auctioneers LLC
Farm Toys, Winross Trucks, Mechanical Bank, Mini Licenses, Case IH Belt Buckles, Display Cases - Closes Thursday, February 27, 2020 Beginning at 4 pm ET (3 items close per miniute). Soft close - active bidding will extend closing time. Keep refreshing screen!

Item Description
1.New Holland Supply Co. Double Trailer - New Holland, PA
2.Shipley Oil Company Tanker 1st Edition – York, PA
3.82nd Pennsylvania Farm Show – Jan. 10-15, 1998 with Tractor Load
4.80th Pennsylvania Farm Show – Jan.6-11, 1996 Livestock Trailer
5.81st Pennsylvania Farm Show – 1997 Farm Scene
6.77th Pennsylvania Farm Show – Jan. 9-14, 1993 Building (Limited Edition)
7.84th Pennsylvania Farm Show – Jan. 8-13, 2000 with Tractor Load
8. Fleur-De-Lait Dairy Products Tanker, New Holland, PA
9.78th Pennsylvania Farm Show – Jan 8-13, 1994 Milk Tanker
10.Hoober, Intercourse, PA 50 Years 1941-1991
11.Travel Artists- Flory Mill Road - Lanc., PA
12.John Sauder, GM Parts -New Holland, PA
13.79th Pennsylvania Farm Show – Jan. 7-12, 1995 Associations
14.83rd PA Farm Show – Jan 9-14,1999 - Exhibitor Edition 1 of 500 Corn Trailer
15.Horst Group Horst Supply Trusses - New Holland, PA
16.Worley & Obetz, Inc. Tanker - Manheim, PA 1946-1989
17.Kraft Foods
18.Kunzler Fine Meat Products, Lancaster, PA
19.West Willow Farmers Assn. Tanker, West Willow, PA
20.Funk Brothers, Washington Boro, PA
21.Landis Brothers, Inc. Lancaster, PA Tractor Transport Truck with Tractor Load
22.Shady Maple Smorgasbord, East Earl, PA
23.Benjamin Roberts, Ltd. North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA
24. Ebersole Chair Shop, 50th Anniversary – 1938-1988
25.Hershey Farm Restaurant & Motor Inn, Strasburg, PA
26. Horst Supply Flatbed with Lumber Load - New Holland, PA
27.Good Poultry Sevice Tanker, Columbia, PA
28.Pennfield Feeds Tanker, Lancaster, PA
29.Carlos Leffler, Inc. Tanker – Fifth Edition
30. J.B.S. Hauling – Bird-In-Hand, PA – Rollback With Steam Engine
31.Good & Plenty 20th Anniversary 1969-1989
32.McCracken’s Feed Mill, Inc. Manheim, PA
33.Hess Mills Tanker – Purina Chows, Paradise, PA
34.C.H. Thomas Sons, Inc. Country Dressed Meats - New Danville, PA
35.Sauder Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, New Holland, PA
36.Good’s Furniture & Carpet, New Holland, PA
37.Hatfield Quality Meats, Hatfield, PA
38.Intercourse Fire Company Tanker, Intercourse, PA
39.Paul B. Zimmerman, Lititz, PA
40.Lampeter Fire Company - Station 54, Lampeter, PA with Clear Sides
41.Hess’s Barbeque Catering - Pig Roasts
42.Dart Container Corporation, Leola, PA
43.Seltzers Lebanon Bologna Tanker - Palmyra, PA
44.E.K. Bare & Sons, Inc. 40 Years - Bird-In-Hand, PA
45.Bird-In-Hand Fire Co. Tanker - Bird-In-Hand, PA
46.Round Hill Turkey Products
47.Bird-In-Hand Farmers Market, Bird-In-Hand, PA
48.New Holland Supply Co, New Holland, PA
49.Stoltzfus Meats, Intercourse, PA
50.J. B. Zimmerman & Sons, Strasburg, PA
51.John Weidman & Sons Tanker, Ephrata, PA
52.Creutzburg Inc. Livestock Hauling, Paradise, PA
53.Servicestar Hardware - American Hardware Supply Co. (box damaged)
54.Hall's Double Trailer Transport
55.Green Dragon Farmers Market & Auction
56.Carlos Leffler, Inc. Tanker - Goodville, PA
57.Stauffer’s Of Kissel Hill, Lititz, PA
58.M&R Grains, Inc. Mount Joy, PA
59.Roadway Trucking
60.Achenbach’s Pastries, Leola, PA
61.Encks Baron Stiegel Restaurant - 10 Year Anniversary (1978-1988) - Manheim, PA
62.Dutch-Way Farm Market, Myerstown, PA 15th Anniversary (1972-1987)
63.Federal Express
64.Rough And Tumble Engineers Historical Society, Kinzer, PA with Steam Engine
65.Key Aid Distributors, Lititz, PA
66.Wheel Horse Lawn & Garden Equipment
67.Huber Nursery - Lancaster, PA
68.Kingswood Cabinet- Ephrata, PA
69.Leacock Coleman Center – 25 Anniversary Truck
70.L. H. Brubaker Appliances - Lancaster, PA
71.Bird-In-Hand Fire Company - Limited Edition 1992
72.Darrenkamp’s Food Market
73.Shenk Food Products
74.Penn State - 1986 National Champions
75. R.S. Hollinger & Son, Inc. Cub Cadet - Mountville, PA
76.Martin’s Servistar Hardware- Leola, PA - 40th Anniversary
77.P. L. Rohrer Transport, Smoketown, PA
78.Lloyd C. Welk, Inc Tanker - Paradise, PA
79.Dutch Way Farms Milk Tanker – Myerstown, PA
80.Rohrer’s Seeds 75th Anniversary 1919-1993 (Red)
81.Good’s Poultry Services – Columbia, PA
82.Shady Maple Market, Inc.
83.Kreider Farms Dairy Store & Family Restaurant
84.Herr’s Snack Foods
85.H, C. Rineer Sons, Inc. Tanker - Strasburg, PA
86.Rohrer’s Seeds 75th Anniversary 1919-1993 (Green)
87.Rohrer’s Seeds – Smoketown, PA
88.M&R Grains, Inc., Roasted Soybeans – Mt. Joy, PA
89.Kreider Farms Feed Tanker - Manheim, PA
90.Limited Edition DC-3 Liberty Case IH Airplane Bank
91.John Deere Forage Wagon Ertl 1/16
92.Farm Country Gravity Feed Wagon Ertl 1/16
93.The Toy Farmer Massey Harris #33 Tractor - National Farm Toy Show 1987 Ertl
94.McCormick Special Edition WD-9 Tractor Ertl 1/16
95.First Gear 1960 Model B-61 Mack Roadway Tractor And Trailer 1/34
96.Small John Deere Metal Lunch Box
97.John Deere 2640 Tractor Field of Dreams (no box)
98.Cast Iron Service Station Full Service Mechanical Bank
99.McCormick WD-9 Tractor 1988 Special Edition (no box)
100.1957 Chevrolet Roadster - Car Quest 1/25
101.Amoco International Tanker Truck Ertl 1/64
102.JI Case Commemorative 150 Year Edition Case IH Tractor Trailer - Ertl 1/64
103.International 650 Diesel Tractor Ertl 1/16
104.John Deere 1940 12A 50th Anniversary Combine 1940-1990
105.Model A John Deere Tractor With 290 Series Cultivator - Precision Classic 1/16
106.Deutz-Allis Combine L3 Gleaner Ertl 1/32
107.John Deere 1958 Model 630 LP Tractor 1/16
108.International 826 Case IH Tractor Ertl 1/16
109.John Deere Model A Tractor Precision Classic 1/16
110.Tractors Of The Past- McCormick Farmall 350 Tractors Ertl
111.Farmall M Tractor Precision Classic 1/16
112.Case International 7130 MFD Magnum Tractor 1990 Limited Edition 1/16
113.IH Teddy Bear Cyrus McCormick
114.Case International Maxxum 5120 Row Crop Tractor Special Edition Ertl 1/16
115.Farmall H 1986 Special Edition Tractor Ertl
116.IH and John Deere Parking Signs (poster paper)
117.John Deere Metal Tractor Sign 160 Years 1837-1997
118.Ertl Mighty Movers Wrecker Truck and Mighty Movers Tegelers Dairy Products
119.4 Baseball Caps - all Hoober
120.Fossil Limited Edtion Timepiece 6"w x 5"h
121.International Harvester Match Holder and Tablet
122.Farmall Alarm Clock and Farmall Metal Tray "Bundle Up"
123.Case IH Mug Holders and Key Chains
124.2 Case IH Metal Christmas Ornaments 2004 and 2005
125.McCormick Plaque
126.Case IH Belt Buckle Farmall M #1289 of 5000
127.IH First/Last Belt Buckle #1438 of 5000
128.Case IH Magnum Limited Edition Belt Buckle
129.Caes IH Belt Buckle A Fresh Team for Today's Farmer
130.Super 70 IH Belt Buckle Collector Series Clevelend Edition Serial #176
131.(4) HC Hy-Capacity Belt Buckles 1989, 1990, 1993, 2000
132.2001 Miniature Hess Racer Transport
133.2002 Miniature Hess Voyager
134.2003 Miniature Hess Patrol Car
135.2004 Hess Miniature Tanker Truck
136.2005 Hess Miniature Helicopter
137.2006 Miniature Hess 18 Wheeler & Racer
138.2008 Hess Miniature Recreation Van
139.2009 Hess Miniature Space Shuttle Transport
140.2010 Hess Miniature Fire Truck
141.2011 Hess Miniature Helicopter Transport
142.2012 Hess Miniature Truck and Airplane
143.2013 Hess Miniature Truck and Racers
144.Handcrafted Foosball Table
145.Myer's Hay Harpoon Spear Fork Barn Tongs H359 - Ashland OH
146.Wooden Toy Chest Bench
147.Tobacco Sizing Box (8 Row)
148.Tobacco Sizing Box (7 Row)
149.Handcrafted Display Case with Glass Doors (48"w x 50"h x 8"d)
150.Handcrafted Display Case with Glass Doors (48"w x 50"h x 8"d)
151.Metal Tractor Boy 2' wide
152.Set of 2 Farming Clocks (Battery Operated) - "You Been Farming Long?" and "We've Been Farming Too Long!"
153.1953 Saturday Evening Post/Behr-Manning Mailer/Poster, 1954 Current Science and Aviation Newsletter, Pictures from Hong Kong, Hawaii, Japan and India
154.3-D Picturama Magic Bread End Label Album, Space Cadet Bread End Label Album 1, Big Top Favorites End Labels Album, Walt Disney Peter Pan Picture Puzzle, Mission to the Moon Illustrate your Own Spaceman Comic Book, Tip Top Bread Cisco Kid Boulders and Bullets Story
155.BethOline Sinclair Sherwood Service Map of Delaware - Maryland - Virginia - W. Virginia District of Columbia, Safe Deposit Key to Lancaster County Farmers National Bank, 1954 Old Forester Fishing Almanac, 1953 Christmas Carol Book John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co
156.Baltimore Bullets vs Minneapolis Lakers February 27, 1954 Roster/Score Card
157.1954 Pontiac Postcards
158.1952 and 1955 Calendar Plates, 22K Gold
159.Porcelain Gold Overlay Pig in Pink Bathtub #2507 (German Fairing Type)
160.Old Gold Wire Rim Eye Glasses B&L 1/10 12k GF Ful-Vue
161.(4) 1953 General Mills Inc. Cereal Premium Mini-Bike License Plates 4” x 2.25" Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Minnesota
162.(4) 1953 General Mills Inc. Cereal Premium Mini-Bike License Plates 4”x 2.25" Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire
163.(4) 1953 General Mills Inc. Cereal Premium Mini-Bike License Plates 5”x 2 Illinois, Virginia (slightly bent), Iowa, West Virgina
164.(2) 1953 General Mills Inc. Cereal Premium Mini-Bike License Plates 5”x 2" Izmer Turkiye, Ontario
165.(4) 1953 General Mills Inc. Cereal Premium Mini-Bike License Plates 5" x 2.25" Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania
166.(2) 1953 General Mills Inc. Cereal Premium Mini-License Plates Bike 5” x 2.25" Mississippi, S Dakota
167.(2) 1953/1954 General Mills Inc. Cereal Premium Mini-Bike License Plates 5" x 2" North Carolina, Nevada
168.(3) 1954 General Mills Inc. Cereal Premium Mini-Bike License Plates 5”x 2.25" Missouri, Wisconsin, Maryland (slightly bent)
169.Playskool Wood Jumbo Beads, Holgate Wooden Shoe House, 2 Rubber Dolls
170.Wolverine Toy Tin Kitchen Set - Refrigerator and Stove/Oven
171.Ebersol Doll Chair - signed Daniel Ebersol - Handcrafted and Handpainted by Ebersol Chair Shop, Intercourse, 12" high red, (note - smaller than child's chair)
172.Ebersol Doll Chair - signed Daniel Ebersol - Handcrafted and Handpainted by Ebersol Chair Shop, Intercourse 12" high, green (note - smaller than child's chair)