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Miller & Siegrist Auctioneers LLC
Complete Professional Auction Service
Miller & Siegrist Auctioneers LLC
Complete Professional Auction Service

Auction Details

Miller & Siegrist Auctioneers LLC
Tools, Household Items, Canning Jars, Furniture, Bikes, Upright Air Compressor, Winch - Closes Wednesday, June 3, 2020 beginning at 6 pm ET (3 items close per minute). Soft close - active bidding will extend closing time. Keep refreshing screen!

Item Description
1.Pair of Car Ramps
2.Jack Stand
3.Ridgid Tristand #450
4.2 Roast Pans
5.Assorted Club Aluminum Trays and Serving Dish
6.Guitar Cake Pan, Star Mini Cakes Pan, Small Molds, Grater, Club Aluminum & Silver Serving Trays
7.Canner with Rack, Extra Base
8.Large Leonard English Sliver Tray (Heavy) and Silver Plated Tray
9.Penn. State Beechcraft D17 Staggerwing Replica Bank 1996 (new in box) #1
10.1998, 2000 2001 Hess Miniatures, 2002 no box
11.1998, 2002, 2011 Hess Miniatures, 2007 no box
12.5 Glass Candy Containers (Trains, Boat, Puppy)
13.Graf Zepplin Cast Iron Blimp
14.3 Auburn Rubber Tractors (one no driver)
15.ABC Freight Forwarding Tin Truck
16.2 Hubley Tractors
17.Penn. State Beechcraft D17 Staggerwing Replica Bank 1996 (new in box) #2
18.Stop Fire Copper Extinguisher 24” High
19.Dayton 3/4 HP Motor 1725 RPM
20.3 Chevrolet Hub Caps, 1956
21.C Clamps - Assorted Sizes
22.Case 50 Ton Barn Jack, Duff Mft Pittsburgh
23.AMF Junior Tricycle
24.Reading Chain & Block Reading Chain Hoist 1,000 lbs
25.GE 1/4 HP Motor 1725 RPM
26.Michigan Pneumatic Detroit Michigan 2 Ton Chain Hoist
27.14 C Clamps (various sizes)
28.4 Die Cutting Blades
29.12 Wall Hooks Brass Plated
30.Style Mate Deep Fiberglass Wash Sink with Legs
31.Brass Letter Stencils
32.GE 2 Way Citizens Band Radio and Car Spot Light
33.Chevy & Ford Car Parts (mid 60’s)
34.Mack Bull Dog Hood Emblem
35.Amp Meter, Battery Clamps, Staple Guns & Staples, Pipes
36.Craftsman Router Bits, Wrenches
37.Chevy Hub Cap Covers (Tractor Trailer)
38.Wear Ever Carving Set, Wine Rack
39.2 Presto Emergency Lighting (new)
40.Craftsman Sabre Saw, Weller Sander, Chicago 7” Polisher
41.3 Chain Binders
42.4 Chain Binders
43.Glass Ceiling LIght, Kerosene Lamps
44.3 Chain Binders
45.4 Chain Binders
46.Dent Puller and Oil Spouts
47.Copper Pipe Brackets (Steel or Copper) Various sizes
48.Jumpers, Chevy Hub Cap, Oil Spouts
49.Canning Jars (17 quarts, 15 pints and jelly)
50.(6) 2-quart Canning Jars (Ball - Atlas - Kerr)
51.11 Bottles (Fett, Schneider Reading; Hornung & Esslinger Schmidt Philadelphia; Finks, Harrisburg; Peiffer, JL&C)
52.11 Ball Blue Quart Canning Jars
53.PA License Plates
54.13 Quart Canning Jars and 19 Pints
55.Sandblaster with Hood and Hard Hat
56.2 Heaters, Fan
57.2 Screw Jacks 1 1/2 x 12 American Scale Co
58.Dyna Charge 202 Electric Fencer
59.Swett 1 1/2 x 8 Screw Jack and 1 1/2 x 10 Screw Jack (Broken Handle)
60.10” Mitre Saw Ryobi
61.17 Pint Canning Jars and 12 Quarts
62.Victor Acetalyne Torch Kit
63.Victor Acetalyne Torch Kit
64.Victor Acetalyne Torch Kit
65.3 Organizers - one with O Rings, some Sockets
66.6 Blue Canning Jars - 2 Wire Tops
67.Tool Cabinet (rough) with Hand Tools, Hedge Trimmer
68.S.A.E. Ratchet Socket Set 41 Pc.
69.Copper Ammo Shell Casing
70.Brackets, Springs, Cotter Pins, Small Compressor
71.S.A.E. Ratchet Socket Set 40 Pc.
72.28 Quart Canning Jars
73.5 Pry/Crow Bars
74.Animal Foot Traps and Crab Nets
75.Sheep Yard Ornaments (Resin)
76.Harvest Radiator Heater & 2 Fans
77.12 Ton Hydraulic Jack
78.Glass Canister Jars, Small Glass Pitcher, Jar
79.Bolt Cutter, Hammer, Hatchet, Utility Knife, Tie Down Srrap, Chalk Line, Swingline Nail Gun
80.Sears 5” Bench Grinder, Craftsman 7 1/4” Circular Saw
81.Wire Feed Adapter Plug, Wire Conduit, Electrical Box, Assorted Hand Tools, 16’ Tape Measure
82.11 Quart Canning Jars, Two 2-Quart Jars
83.Doll High Chair, Doll Rocker
84.Cedar Chest with key
85.3 Lawn Chairs and 1 Lounge Chair
86.3 Picnic Benches
87.Ernest Johnson, Boyertown Quart and Pint Milk Bottles
88.Milwaukee Steel Hawg Metal Boring Cutter 3/4” Carbide Tipped
89.Champion Annular Cutter 9/16” Carbide Tipped
90.Evolution Steel 1 5/16” Cyclone Annular Cutter & Pilot Pin
91.1 15/16” x 1 Premium Annular Cutter
92.Glass Prisms
93.2 Boring Cutters
94.Sossner 1/2 - 13 and 5/16 - 18 Taps
95.Miners Lamp, 1/2 Pint Vaseline Jar
96.6” Bench Grinder 1/3 HP
97.2 Live Animal Traps
98.Live Animal Trap
99.Baldor Bench Grinder 1/3 HP
100.Foot Valve Pump / Release
101.Craftsman Blower 200mph/24cc and Cordless Homelite Hedge Trimmer
102.17 Circular Saw Blades (some rust)
103.Badland ATV/UTV Winch 2500 lb Capacity
104.Leather Punches
105.Copper Molds
106.Reed and Barton Silver Goblet, Ephrata Cloister Pewter Plate, Misc. Silverplated Pcs.
107.2 Oster Hair Clippers, Small Animal Tattoo Ear Tagger
109.Collection of 22 Bird Mugs
110.Green Depression Knife, Pink Depression Vase & Plate
111.Chevy Caviler 91-94 Headlight & Car Parts
112.Come Along
113.Cherry Seeder #50 New Standard Mt Joy
114.Northrup King Seeds Tin Sign & Reading AAA Auto Club
115.36” x 28” Hunting Pants (10 brown and 4 green)
116.Brooks 2 Qt Measure, Oil Spouts, Sico Motor Oil Can (empty but not open)
117.Dewalt Cordless Offset Driver & B&D 3/8” Drill
118.Frog Gigger
119.3 Clevises
120.Assorted Kitchen Knives, some serrated
121.Silver Plated Serving Dish, 6 Ceramic Basket Favors
122.Dewalt Molding Cutter Head for Radial Saws
123.T Post Insulators, Wire Nuts, Bolts, Roofing Nails, Wooduff Keys, Pipe Straps
124.20 Penny Nails Common (approx 15 lbs)
125.Ball Hitch
126.Trailer Jack Stand (2 Ton)
127.Locks & Gas Tank Caps, Hinge (all new)
128.Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Mattel
129.Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Mattel
130.Red Crown Airplane Bank
131.Large Assortment of Plumbing Fittings
132.John Deere Doll, Toys, Playset Anchors
133.Weedeater Super Blower 2570
134.B&D Workmate Cart/Workbench 525
135.Fish Gig
136.All Thread Rods 1/2" & 3/8”
137.Gardening Books
139.A Country Sampler of Simple Blessings Book by Ellen Stouffer
140.Small German Tin Bank, Wind Chimes
141.Barrel Pump, Hydraulic Pump
142.Jar of Marbles (2 Shooters & Cat’s Eyes)
143.Mac Sports Bazaar Folding Lawn Chair with Bag Carrier
144.Welch Gingerbread Mantel Clock with Key
145.Gilbert Steeple Mantel Clock with Key
146.Ingraham Gingerbread Mantel Clock with Key
147.Red Painted Barn Door (top and bottom)
148.Red Painted Barn Door (top and bottom) with strap hinges
149.Red Painted Barn Door (top with window and bottom) with strap hinges
150.Carpet Pole/Rug Ram Forklift Attachment 141” long (11.75’) - heavy!
151.21’ Chain, Assorted Hammers, Small Sledge Hammer
152.Come Along
153.Dayton Wet/Dry Vac
154.Jumper Cables and Oster Plastic Carrying Box (like new)
155.Faucets and Plumbing Supplies
156.Letter Punches (4 missing) with Wooden Holder/Box
157.2 Levels (1 Stevens) and Block Plane
158.Bolt & Pipe Cutters
159.3 Levels (Stanley is missing bubble) 2’, 2.5’ and 4’
160.Come Along
161.2 Hand Saws, Tree & Hack Saw
162.2580 Super Weed Eater Electric Blower
163.Jumpers, Battery Clips, Flashlight (new)
164.Weller Soldering Gun & Organizer with Tacks
165.Hay Hook and Horse Tie Down Weight
166.Small Cast Iron Troughs (1 Bausman) & Melting Pots
167.6 Wedges
168.5 Wedges
169.Clevises, Puller, Hammers, Wrenches, Tools (rusty)
170.Master Sportsman Fishing Vest (M), Tackle Box, a few Fishing Accessories
171.Rema Flip Over Stand (Tire Rim Tool for Tractor Trailers)
173.Quarry Ridge Roadmaster Mountain Bike 18 Speed, 29” (tires need air)
174.Murray Bayberry Mountain Bike 21 Speed, Vortex, 24” (tires need air)
175.Cottage Andes Cast Iron Stove Parts (3 Pcs.)
176.Cast Iron Stove Parts (2 Pcs.)
177.Hardware & Electrical Supplies, Hitch/Cotter Pins
178.Assorted Pipe Wrenches, Monkey Wrench
179.Assorted Pipe Wrenches
180.Brass Horn and 2 Decorative Wall Roosters (Vermay Aluminum)
181.Draw Knife, Sliding Gauge, Ratchet Set (incomplete), Chisels (rusty)
182.Glass & Porcelain Knobs, Old Door Hardware
183.Various Wrenches (1 Ford), Plumb Bob, Nut Driver Set, Tin Snips
184.Tobacco Spears and Husking Pegs
185.Tobacco Spears and Husking Pegs
186.Dunlap Toolbox with Tools (rough)
187.Toolbox with Tools, Hack Saws, Mallot, Square (rough)
188.Red Stanley Toolbox with Tools
189.Toolbox with Tools (rough)
190.Jumper Cables & Reflectors
191.Pair of Stinson Ladder Jacks
192.Acme #11 Nail Puller, Bessey Clamp
193.Schwinn Sidewinder 18 Speed 26” Mountain Bike (seat torn, tires need air)
194.Elevation Next 15 Speed Bike 24” Mountain Bike (tires need air)
195.Schwinn Travelers Men’s Road Bike 12 Speed, 26” (tires need air)
196.38” Round Barn Fan
197.Child’s Wooden Rocking Horse
198.Small Wooden Yard Wheel Barrow (wheel needs reattached)
199.Log Rack / Firewood Ring Holder
200.Lawn Roller (Walk Behind Push/Pull)
201.Panasonic Air Conditioner
202.Dovetailed Blanket Chest
203.Grained Blanket Chest
204.6 Hand Painted Plank Bottom Chairs (by the piece x 6)
205.Trunk (no handles)
206.Camelback Truck (no handles)
207.Natural Wood Kitchen Hutch 38” wide x 16” deep and 76” high
208.Natural Wood Wardrobe/Entertainment Center 21” deep x 39” wide x 70” high
209.Dining Room Hutch 63” wide x 18” deep x 80” high
210.Craftsman 5 HP 12 Gallon Shop Vac
211.Old Bag Wagon
212.Old Bag Wagon - Heavy Duty
213.Coleman Powermate Handyman Air Compressor 4 HP 7.5 Gallon
214.Magna Force Air Compressor 2 HP (belt needs installed)
215.Sears Air Compressor Paint Sprayer (rough - needs work, cord needs replaced)
216.Chain Hoist Wright Way 2 Ton
217.Chain Hoist Wright Way 2 Ton
218.Ajax Upright Air Compressor
219.Werner 4’ Fiberglass Step Ladder
220.2 Extension Cords
221.2 Extension Cords
222.2 Extension Cords
223.Heavy Extension Cord
224.5 Canes
225.155 Howitzer Shell Tip - 32” high - very heavy!
226.Heat Lamps, Lights
227.3 Lug Wrenches
228.Roll of 14-3 Outdoor Copper Building Wire with Ground
229.Oster Shearmaster Animal Clipper with Case
230.1963-64 Chevy Belair Speedometer, 4 Buick Hub Caps, 3 Chevy Hub Caps
231.2.5 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack (no handle)
232.Schumacher 10 Amp Battery Charger
233.Craftsman Electric Chain Saw
234.Porter Cable 10” Chop Saw Model 1400
235.4 Outdoor Path Flower Lights (hard wired)
236.18 Speed Evolution Pacific Mountain Bike 22”, Vortex, Torque Drive (tires need air)
237.Huffy Stone Mountain 18 Speed 20” Mountain Bike (rusty & tires need air)
238.14” Ampliflier Mongoose Boys Bike (rough & tires need air)
239.Hyper 18 speed Mountain Bike 22” Shimano HPR Suspension (nice)
240.Yankee Clipper Child’s Runner Sled
241.Small Child’s Runner Sled
242.Child’s Red Painted Runner Sled
243.Shepherds Hook (2)
244.Shepherds Hook (4)
245.2 New Post Shovels with Long Handles 9.5’
246.Forks Shovels, Sledge
247.Shovels, Rake, Pick, Stomper
248.Shovels, Sledge Hammer, Hoes, Post Hole Digger
249.Decorative Wooden Keepsake Drawer
250.Shovels, Rake, Brush, Axe, Hoes
251.3 Wooden Crates
252.Set of 4 Quoites
253.Feed Shovel
254.Advertising Boxes - Prunes, Soda, Baked Beans
255.Shovel, Rake, Hoes, Firemen’s Pike Pole, Extra Handles, Brush
256.2 Wooden Carriers
257.3 Tine Hay Fork and Dirt Shovel
258.Wheat Scythe and 3 Tine Hay Fork
259.3 Wooden Boxes
260.Oil Cans
261.Club & Hammered Aluminum Dishes, Cowboy Hat
262.Levels 2’ and 4’ (1 bubble missing)
263.Two 4' Levels
264.Manley Hydraulic Floor Jack
265.Mallot, Hammer, Pipe Wrench, Clippers, Steel (rusty)
266.Set of Hammers, Slag Hammer, Tin Snips
267.Set of Hammers, Hedge Trimmer, Wedge
268.Gallagher Solar S17 Fencer
269.Propane Tank (half full?) & Heater Attachment
270.C Clamps, Slag Hammer, Hooks, Pipe Cutter, Tuning Forks (rusty)
271.Columbian Howe Vice (rough)
272.Galvanized Tub Planter (rusty) & Pruner
273.Ball Hitches
274.2 Come Alongs
275.Animal (Rabbit) Feeder
276.Jackson Wheeler Metal Services Wooden Advertising Box
277.Set of 7 Ladder Stands
278.Come Along & Craftsman Glaze Breaker
279.Barrel Tap, Ice Pick, 2 Sleigh Bells, 2 Glass Jar Lids
280.Charles Chip Tin, Agate Lid, Urn/Planter
281.Miscellaneous Hardware, 2 Bottles Camping Propane, Cash/Change Box, Sprinkler, Chalk Line, 1/4” Speedbor Bits
282.6 Tool Handles
283.Toolbox (rusty), Rockwell Sander
284.Old Ceiling Light Fixture
285.Assorted Files, Plane
286.Assorted Files
287.Wooden Rocking Chair
288.Wooden Rocker Chair
289.Corner Cupboard
290.Task Force 20” Electic Mower 12 Amp
291.3 Rolls of Barbed Wire
292.2 Rolls of Barbed Wire
293.High Tensile Wire (approx. 3,000’)
294.Craftsman 10” Table Saw
295.Hand Painted Milking Stool
296.Cast Iron Wheel Barrow Wheel
297.Shower Tub Enclosure 2 x 5’ left hand
298.One Kubota Rim/Tire 7-16
300.Belgian Flobert 1877 Single Shot Cal. 22 Rifle with Octagon Barrel and Rolling Stock Mechanism
301.J.C. Higgins 22 Cal Bolt Action Rifle Model 103.228 Sears Roebuck & Co S L LR
302.2 Copper Lustre Creamers with Blue Accents (2.5" and 4.5" high)
303.Pink Lustre Creamer (4" high)
304.Small Copper Lustre Creamer & Tea Pot with Wedgewood Type Design
305. CCI Small Pistol Primers, Pellets and BB's
306.Army Pocketknife - 13 Function (New), Weaver Detachable Mount, Master Lock Combination Gun Lock (New)
307.Gun Locks (most new), Barrel Bushing Wrench (new)
308.Gun Locks, Small Tripod Gun Rest, Gun Cleaning Supplies, 2 Dies for Reloading
309.12 & 410 Gauge Shot Gun Shells
310.Assorted Ammo (25, 22 Long, 45, 30, 32 S&W, 222 Remington, 357, 38 Special)
311.Ammo (30-06, 30-30, 308) boxes half to full
312.Ammo (270)
313.3 Speed Loaders (38 / 357 Mag)
314.Old Ammo Boxes (Western 38 Special & Primers, Winchester 12 Ga Slugs, Remington Xleanbore)
315.Gun Cleaning Rods, Hunting Videos
316.Assorted Empty Casings (Brass, Plastic)
317.White Agate Chamber Bucket with Lid (like new)
318.8' Wooden Step Ladder (not very sturdy)
319.Hand Saws
320.Allen Wrenches
321.Box full of Screwdrivers
322.2 Man Cross Cut Saw
323.Butcher Furnace with Extra Rings & Door - Frank B Bentz Brunnerville Foundry Lanc Co PA
324.Pair of Old Barn Door Hinges
325.Jars with Wire Lids
326.1 and 2 Quart Jars, Heavy Aluminum Roast Pan with Lid/Tray