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Miller & Siegrist Auctioneers LLC
2 Enclosed Trailers, Motorcycle, Masonry & Home Construction Tools & Supplies - Closes Wednesday, November 7 beginning at 7 pm (3 items close per minute). Soft close - active bidding will extend closing time. Keep refreshing screen!

Item Description
1.2010 Yamaha Raider XV 1900 cc Cobra muffler, only 7,400 miles, new inspection
2.2017 Covered Wagon Enclosed Trailer, tandem axle trailer, 7'x14', 7' interior height, ramp rear door, side door, gross wt 7000, unladen wt 2120 (only driven from PA to SC, from SC to NC and back to PA)
3.2007 Roadmaster Enclosed Trailer, single axle, 6'x12', interior has added racks, storage box, lighting, and electrical receptacle, barn door style rear doors, side door, spare tire, gross wt 2990, unladen wt 1280
4.Bil-Jax 6 half bucks standards, 2 ladder ends, scaffold pins, cross supports, plank
5.2 aluminum planks 16 and 20
6.Werner 20 aluminum extension ladder with self leveler, 300 lb load capacity, extra heavy duty, type IA duty rating (blue ends)
7.Werner 20 aluminum extension ladder with self leveler, 300 lb load capacity, extra heavy duty, type IA duty rating (orange ends)
8.Werner 24 aluminum extension ladder, 300 lb load capacity, extra heavy duty, type IA duty rating
9.Werner 40'aluminum extension ladder, 250 lb load capacity, heavy duty, type I duty rating
10.Leica Rugby 100 self leveling rotating laser level / transit with rod eye plus, clamp, measuring stick and tripod
11.Werner AP-20 Aluminum Work Platform 225lb Capacity 12 x 39 Platform legs lock securely in place when in use and fold underneath platform for compact storage.
12.2 Werner ladder jacks Model AC10-14-02
13.2 Ladder Jax ladder jacks
14.Dewalt Aluminum Adjustable Miter Saw Stand DW723 with extra end bracket. (The DWX723 heavy-duty miter saw stand is designed to work with all brands of miter saws. Lightweight aluminum construction (35-lbs) allows for easy transport and leg lock levers allow quick set up. 5-1/2-ft beam extends to support up to 16-ft of material and up to 500-lbs.)
15.2 Trojan Roller Support Stands
16.2 Stanley Fat Max Saw Horses - collapsible
17.Ridgid 22 Pro Gear Toolbox Cart on wheels
18.Ridgid 22 Pro Gear Toolbox Cart on wheels with Ridgid 22 Pro Tool Box
19.4 Ridgid Flip Flop Portable Work Support Stands
20.Chains (6 hooks) 4 8, 9, 11, 12, 15, 20
21.Milwaukee Hole Hawg Drill 1/2 13mm Heavy Duty - 7.5 Amp, 300 or 1200 RPM with bits in Husky Canvas Bag
22.3 Mortar Guns with accessories - Mixing Paddle Seals in Rubbermaid Tool Box
23.Masonry Tools for Brick & Block - joint scrapers, corner blocks, trowels, brushes, hammer, pointers in Bostitch Tool Box
24.Brick & Block Masonry Tools, Trowels
25.Bosch 1375-01 and Dewalt D28110 Angle Grinders with Side Handles, Extra Diamond Cut Blades, Diamond Cut Grinding Wheel
26.2 Pivit Ladder Leveler Tools
27.Senco Cordless Spiral Cutout Saw SS-14v (no charger)
28.Wet Dry Diamond 12 Concrete Blade, Husqvarna Soff Cut 6 Concrete Blade
29.Bernzomatic Hand Torch, 6 Map/Pro Fuel Cylinders, Heat Tip, Soldering Torches
30.Assorted Wood Circular Saw Blades 12", 7.25", 6.5" (Dewalt, Craftsman, Diablo)
31.Roof Jacks
32.Ladder Stabilizers & Mitts (Protective Ends)
33.Concrete Bull Float with Extension
34.Concrete Finishing Tools, Trowels, Carry Bag
35.Satellite & Digital Cable Tool Kit (like new)
36.Electrical Outlets, Boxes, Switches, Covers
37.Electrical Supplies/Wire Nuts in Stanley Organizer Case, New Breakers
38.Electrical Supplies, Wire Nuts, Switches, Outlets, Boxes, Wire Strippers
39.Drywall Trowels
40.Ridgid Hammer R5013 Drill 1/2 7.5 amp with bits and side handle in Canvas Bag
41.2 Quick Grip Bar Clamps, 2 Irwin Quick Grips
42.Werner Level Master Model PK80 Automatic Ladder Leveler & Telescoping Clamps
43.5 Mason Hammers
44.Stanley Chisels & Others
45.Bon Tool Masonry Guides (New)
46.Tampers - two 10 x 10, one 8 x 8
47.Putty Knives
48.Post Hole Digger
49.Stabila Level 6 to 10
50.Structron Shingle Remover
51.Wooden Levels - two 4, one 3
52.Tape Measures, Level, Flashlight, Steel Fish Tape, Utility Knives, Folding Rules
53.Safety Glasses & Work Gloves
54.Flashlight, Tape Measures, Folding Rule, Utility Knife
55.Safety Glasses & Work Gloves
56.Shrader Knife, Buck Knife, Hatchet, Knife Sharpener
57.Gun Locks, Klenk Dual Duct Knife, Survivor, J Marttiini Finland Rapala Fishing Filet Knife & Sheath
58.Vector Spotlight VEC137C-WM 1,000,000 Candle Power, Camo Flashlight, Blackburn Bike Light
59.4 Bushnell Flashlights TRKR T1250L, 140, 1216, 817
60.Black Jack 12 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack in case (no handle)
61.Milwaukee Screwdrivers
62.Craftsman Wrenches 10mm-11mm, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 7/8, 7/16, 3/8 & Others
63.QEP Tile Cutter, Exactor Knife, Milwaukee pocket knife
64.12 Craftsman Adjustable Wrench, Tin Shears, Vice Grips, Snips
65.Tool Belts
66.Craftsman Screwdrivers, Nutdrivers
67.Tool & Hardware Organizers
68.Shoe Scraper, Wire Brushes
69.Assorted Wood, Metal & Masonry Bits
70.Craftsman Vice, Figure 9 Carabiner Rope Tighteners
71.Propane Gas Regulators & Hose
72.Small Grease Guns
74.C Clamps 1.5, 2 & 3
75.2 Jorgensen Cabinet Claws (brand new)
76.2 Stanley Multi Angle Vice
77.Stanley 26 Tool Box
78.Stanley Fat Max 28 tool box
79.Stanley Fat Max 28 tool box
80.Miro Reflectors 219 Kit
81.Ramset Powder Fastening System RS22 No 30708112 in Case
82.Tin Shears
83.Chalk Line & Keson Marking Chalk
84.Screwdrivers, Nut Drivers, Spark Plug Wrench
85.Approximately 17 Vermont American Hole Saws (many new) 7/8 - 3.5
86.Vermont American & Bosch Jigsaw Blades (all new)
87.Torque Wrench Wheeler Delta Series
88.Assorted Bits and Spade Bits (some new)
89.Bolt Cutters, Plastic Tubing Cutter, Pipe Cutters
90.Metal Cutting Blades 4.5 x 3/32 and 12 x 1/8 (Sait, Ductile & Dewalt)
91.3 Chimney Brushes with 7 Rod Handles
92.Craftsman Clench Wrench, Filter Wrenches
93.Caulking Guns
94.Brick Ties & Fasteners
95.Stanley Bostitch 23 Heavy Duty Tool Box
96.Stanley Bostitch 28 Heavy Duty Tool Box
97.Stanley Bostitch 28 Heavy Duty Tool Box
98.Trestle Legs (2 pair)
99.2 Brick Tongs
100.Pit Posse PP2900 Removable Self Locking Wheel Chock
101.Air Hoses (2)
102.Air Hoses (4)
103.Rope, Straps, Tie Downs
104.Flood Lights, Spouting Accessories, Vent Covers
105.Bosch 4000 10 Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand TS2000 and Mitre Gauge
106.Assorted nails, screws and bolts
107.Assorted nails, screws and bolts
108.Assorted nails, screws and bolts
109.Foil Insulation Wrapping, Flexible Insulated Duct Pipe
110.Painting Supplies
111.Plumbing PVC Couplings
112.4 Gas Cans
113.Ozark Trail Relax Ultra Lawn Chair with Carry Bag
114.3 Ball Hitches
115.Ball & Pintle Hitch
116.Quick Grip Handi Clamp, Bits, Wire Cup Brush, Brick Set, Plumb Bob, Pry Bar, etc.
117.Camo Marksman Pro Deck Tool, Shelf Brackets, Assorted Allen Wrenches & miscellaneous
118.Craftsman Sockets & Drivers
119.3/8 Ball Hex Socket Set, Eye Lag Screw, Nut Drivers and attachments
120.Wedges, Shutter Hardware
121.RR Spikes
122.Miscellaneous Box Lot - Sockets, Insulation Supports, O Rings, Drywall Tape
123.Stimsonite Reflectors
124.Bosch Demolition Hammer 11316 EVS with Chisel Bit (Electric)
125.Bucket full of Joist Hangers
126.Long Handled Masonry Tools, Trowels, Brush
127.Miscellaneous lot, Flashing, Toolbox Mounting Kit, Orange Flags, Funnel, Door Knob Lockset & more!
128.Bostitch Coil Framing Nailer N80CB-1, pneumatic, 1 - 3
129.Bostitch Coil Framing Nailer RN46, pneumatic, -1
130.Bostitch Coil Nails 2 50mm
131.Bostitch Coil Nails 3.25 82mm
132.Prime Air Coil Roofing Nailer, PCR200 in plastic case 70-110 psi, length -2, shank diameter 0.120
133.DeWALT staple gun D51430, pneumatic, 16 gauge, accepts 7/16 medium crown staples, 1-2 x 7/16
134.Stanley Bostitch Staple Gun in case Model S32 SX, 18 Gauge, pneumatic, SX5035 crown staples, range - 1 ⅜
135.Bostitch Flooring Staples 1/2 12mm, one box 2" and one box 1.5"
136.Senco, Bostitch and Cable Boss Staples
137.Bostitch Clipped Head Stick Nails 33˚, Paslode ProStrip Nails, Grip Rite Collated Framing Nails 30˚ 3.25 x .131
138.Bostitch Clipped Head Framing Nails 2 3/8. x .113, Grip Rite Collated Framing Nails 30˚ 3 x .120 & Ultra Magnum Zinc Nails 1.5 x .148, Bostitch 1.5" Angled Nails
139.DeWalt Door Lock Installation Kit
140.Maul, Edger & Scraper
141.Quick Support Rod, T Squares, Aluminum Screening, Glow Rod Set, Bore Cleaner, Carpet Gripper
142.Coke Bottle Opener
143.Ridgid Fan, Utility Clamp Work Light, Cord
144.Beekeeping Equipment: complete queen rearing kit (new), 100 candy caps, 100 queen cages
145.Beekeeping Equipment: Stainless Steel Smoker (new)
146.Beekeeping Equipment: 2 Vails, Stainless Strainer with Double Sieve & Adj. Arms, Bee Brush, Wooden Spoons & Paddle, 2 Uncapping Knives, Honey Bucket Warmer
147.Beekeeping Equipment: Box of New Foundations 5 5/8 100 pack, Box of New Frames 6 1/4 100 pack, Unassembled Supers 6 5/8 5 Pack, Hive Carrier
148.Beekeeping Equipment: approximately 297 classic 16 oz. plastic honey jars with flip open sealed lids
149.Beekeeping Equipment - Honey Jars: (8) 2 lb classic glass jars; (20) 1 lb classic glass jars; (8) 8 oz. classic glass jars with lids; (43) 4 oz round glass jars with lids; (42) 1 lb muth/antique replica glass jars; (5) 8 oz muth glass jars (additional lids can be purchased from Gamber Container)
150.Hard Hat, XL Rain Suite, Rain Poncho
151.Harvey Double Hung Tilt In Window 32 x 53.25, Privacy Glass
152.Ridgid Pro Gear Toolbox Cart (missing wheel axle)
153.Gun Locks, Recoil Paper Targets
154.Tool Carriers
155.Water Meter Key & Curb Pin Puller
156.Concrete Form Pins
157.Slip Industries 10 Concrete Straight Edge
158.Empty tackle box, shims, empty Bostitch case, work gloves, downspout splash block
159.2008 Hitzer Coal Stove Model 50-93 EZ-FLO, Blower & Pewter Accents, 2 ash pans