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Miller & Siegrist Auctioneers LLC
Antiques & Collectibles, Vintage Christmas Ornaments, Reese Locks - Closes Tuesday, October 16, 2018 beginning at 7 pm. Soft close - active bidding will extend closing time. Keep refreshing screen

Item Description
1.Antique Slag Glass Table Lamp marked #1307, electric 2 bulbs, 21”high, 14.5” wide
2.Wooden Egg Crate 27” x 13”, divided inside
3.Crock 9.5”high, 9” wide
4.Frary’s Family Balance Scale
5.Tin Measures/Pitchers
6.Oil Lamps 18.5” high, 12.5” high
7.Pillow Fluffers (M. G. Witman, Steam Bakery, Middletown, PA)
8.Collection of Old Books & Readers, Late 1800’s early 1900’s
9.Tin 4 Quart Milk Pail
10.Antique Slag Glass Table Lamp, 22” high, 16.5” wide marked AAGGO 1052, electric 2 bulbs
11.Rooster Tin Candy Mold
12.Reese Lancaster Padlocks Sample Board with 7 Locks & Keys
13.I.P. Reese 1911 Framed Calendar
14.National Metal & Glass Mail Box
15.3 Piece Cream & Sugar Pairpont Corp, New Bedford Mass, Quadruple Plate 357, 1930’s, Monogrammed
16.Bemis & Call Steelyard Counter Balance Scales #3, H Seal Balance Scales
17.Jelly Jar Lids
18.2 Deep Frames 14” x 17”, one oriental print, one religious print
19.Cast Iron Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank (The Book of Knowledge)
20.Collection of Old Farmyard Sheep (metal, celluloid, cloth, plastic, Auburn rubber)
21.3 Blue Jars with Zinc Lids (2 Ball, 1 Mason)
22.Assorted Tinware, Cream Top Ladle
23.Jewelers Microscope, Wall Match Holder, etc.
24.Reese Lancaster Sample Door Knockers & Letter Slots
25.Reese Lancaster Sample Letter Slot, Hooks, Window & Door Locks
26.3 Piece Dresser Set Hand Painted Nippon
27.Thomas the Tank Engine Toys: Cars, Engines, Buildings, Track, Round House Saw, Mill
28.Diston Hand Saw, Philadelphia
29.Diston Hand Saw, Philadelphia
30.Wooden Measure
31.Weighted Sterling Candleholders - Gorham, Duchin, Garden Silversmith, RWM (tall one in center is silver & copper)
32.Collection of Cookbooks including Mennonite & Better Homes & Garden
33.Folding Rules, RR Spike, No 465 Lufkin Folding Rule
34.Hofco Best Dollhouse Company, 1/12th Scale 3/8” birch plywood, Victorian Doll House, Materials included for finishing house - siding, brickwork, shingles, (paint not included)
35.Tin Candy Molds (Rabbit, Santa, Turkey)
36.Hog Scrapers (Candleholder)
37.4 Hay Hooks
38.Assorted Wooden Pegs
39.2 Lightning & 2 Atlas Wiretop Glass Jars
40.Glass Bottles, Cooks Jar, Stoneware Jug
41.Engle Lancaster Bottle with Wire Top Lid & Porcelain Cap
42.Foxy Toys Spelling Wheel, Chalkboard (cracked)
43.2 Chalkboards
44.1 1/2 Gallon Crock
45.2 Ice Cream Parlor Chairs
46.6 Crown Sterling Coasters, Sterling Small Plate 6546, Small Sterling Bowl FB Rogers Silver 259, Weighted Sterling Pedestal Dish, Frank M Whiting Sterling Coaster R 50
47.Columbus Washboard, Handmade Fireplace Broom
48.Susquehanna Etched Glass Punch Bowl with 12 Cups & Glass Ladle
49.Diston Meat Saw
50.2 Lufkin Tape Measures, Zippo Posey Ironworks Tape Measure, Made in USA Mini Plane, Barlow Pocketknife, Castors
51.Cast Iron Watering Trough 30”
52.3 Glass Jars (Sand Dollars, Pebbles, Potpourri)
53.6 Glass Waterers (2 small chips)
54.3 Hanging Scales
55.Tobacco & Advertising Tins
56.Metal Dollhouse (1950’s)
57.Plastic Dollhouse Furniture
58.Reese Lancaster Locks Sample Board
59.2 Horse Single Trees
60.Easter Miniatures Tin Candy Mold
61.Geneva Hand Fluter & Sadiron
62.Sensible No 5 Sleeve & Collar Sadiron
63.Old Skeleton Keys
64.4 Piece American Tourister Luggage Set (1950’s)
65.8 Old Animal Cookie Cutters
67.John Wright Cast Iron Alphabet Cookie Mold
68.2 Pencil Boxes, Paintbrush Case
69.3 Gold Frame Pictures
70.Wooden Vases, Napkin Rings, Donut Cutter, Screw Top Canister, Copper Tea Pot (no lid)
71.Collection of Cookie Cutters
72.Chatillons Spring Balance Hanging Scales, Forschners’s No. 2 Balance Hanging Scales
73.Hand Painted Figurines
74.Easter BunnyTin Candy Mold
75.RR Spike, Cast Iron Fireplace Tool Holder
76.4 Mirrors
77.Reese Lancaster Pieces: Hand Saw, Brush, Door Lock, Hexagon Wrench Tools
78.Fiesta Pitcher, Bowl, Tray, & Saucers
79.2 Fiesta Cups & Saucers
80.Fiesta Pitcher, Bowl, Shaker, Saucers
81.9 Fiesta Place Card/Name Holders
82.Flat Oval Mirror 36” x 24”
83.Glass Celery Holder, Perfume Bottle, Large Butter Dish, Crackle Glass Pitcher, Cream & Sugar
84.4 Pottery Vases
85.Hand Painted Pitchers, Corn on the Cob Shaker & Plate, 2 Pc. Bowl Set
86.2 Pheasant Planters
87.Hand Painted Vegetable Dish (Couple Relaxing by the Pond)
88.4 Rockwell Plates: 1977 Toy Maker, 1978 Cobbler, 1975 Doctor & Doll First Edition, 1977 Doctor & Doll First Limited Edition
89.Noritake Celery Dish Set with 6 Salts
90.3 Copenhagen Plates (’71, ’74, ’76), 3 Haviland Limoges Plates (’75, ’76, ’77)
91.Homer Laughlin Pitcher with Lid, Alfred Meakin England Pitcher, English Ships Tea Pot & Sugar/Tea Bag Container
92.Vintage Cut Glass Basket
93.27 Cut Glass Salts
94.RS Prussia Red Seal Hand Painted Bowl 9 1/4”
95.Collector Plates: 1979 Rockwell First Issue Mother’s Day, “The Hunter” by Andrew Wyeth Limited Edition, Leyendecker 1978 Cornflake Boy & 1977 Cornflake Girl First Limited Edition
96.Assorted Plates & Bowls
97.10 John Maddock England Plates (small chip on one)
98.13 Hot/Cold Glass Mugs
99.Woodlawn & Levengood Milk Bottles, Miniature Bottles
100.Wire Top Jars (Drey, Atlas, Ball) Extra Glass Lids
101.Holiday Punch Bowl on Pedestal with 18 Cups & Glass Ladle
102.Kiehl & Keefer Lancaster Bottle with Wire Top & Porcelain Cap
103.Old Bottles (Mosby, Dr Miles, Sigado, Philadelphia, etc.)
104.2 Oversized Light Bulbs
106.Dresser Hand Mirrors
107.Collection of 15 Hand Augers (varying sizes)
108.Collection of 15 Hand Augers (varying sizes)
109.2 Old Rolls Razors in Box, Durham, Gillette
110.3 Straight Razers, Straight Razor Cases (all empty)
111.3 Straight Razors, Straight Razor Cases (all empty)
112.Old Razors, Brushes
113.Straight Razors
114.Advertising Razor Blade Boxes
115.Advertising Razor Blade Jackets
116.Ladies Hankies
117.Flexible Flyer Sled
118.Madame Alexander Queen Elizabeth Doll 1947 with Box
119.11 Hand Painted Trays with box
120.Oil Lamps (one globe cracked)
121.Pewter Candleholders, Bell, Snuffer, Cup
122.2 Mirrors (one deep frame)
123.Collection of Song books, Life Songs, (children, piano), kazoos, musical instruments
124.7 Reese Locks (Lancaster)
125.Playmobile System Construction Worker Deluxe Set
126.Playmobile System Knight Starter Set
127.Lincoln Logs
128.Old Tins & Cake Box
129.2 Oval Deep Frames with Glass (backs loose)
130.Train & Circus Stamps
131.Posters (The Cook's Meat Chart, Charles Demuth, Carl Larsson, Architecture Lancaster, Mickey at Bat)
132.American Tourister 2 Piece Luggage Set
133.3 Books by Marguerite De Angeli
134.Calling Card Book (many Lancaster)
135.Puzzle Games, Rubix Cube, Kaleidoscope
136.Wooden Roller, Spring Stake Truck Game, Spinning Top, Cubissimo
138.7 Reese Locks (Lancaster)
139.Frames including 4 Oval Tin Frames
140.Children’s Books including Swiss Family Robinson, Now We are Six by A.A. Milne & Train Books
141.American Tourister 2 Piece Luggage Set
142.Games, Dominoes, Wooden Blocks, Jacks, Spinning Tops
143.Puzzle Game, Dominoes, Die
144.Tray with Removable Hand Painted Blocks
145.2 Tall Metal Plant Stands (adjustable height)
146.7 Puzzles
147.2 Lawn Chairs
148.Shovels, Rakes, Fork, Digging Iron
149.Wooden Puzzle Games
150.Large Trash Bag full of Pinecones
151.Steinbach Nutcracker S675 King 14” high
152.Steinbach Nutcracker S714 Drinker 11” high
153.Steinbach Nutcracker S715 Guard 11” high
154.Steinbach Nutcracker S715 Guard no box 11” high
155.German Nutcracker - Rocking Horse & Rider (been repaired)
156.2 Small Steinbach Nutcrackers Kaiser 5.5” high
157.Steinbach Smoker - Man with Mice 6” high
158.German Smoker Ore Mountain Collection 9” High
159.St. Nicholas Figurine10.5” high
160.Clothique Santa Figurine Greeting the Millennium with Box (Battery Operated)
161.1971 Norman Rockwell Four Seasons Collector Plates Limited Edition by Gorham with Box
162.German Handmade Expertic Erzgebirge Candle Holder
163.Norman Rockwell Collector Plates - 1975 First Edition Christmas, 1972 First Edition Pewter by Gorman & Others
164.Snowmen & Trees
165.Multicolored Christmas Lights
166.6 Vintage Tea Pot Christmas Ornaments (very fragile!)
167.4 Large Vintage Christmas Ornaments
168.2 Extra Large Vintage Christmas Ornaments
169.4 Large Vintage Christmas Ornaments
170.4 Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Medium (one damaged)
171.12 Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Medium
172.6 Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Medium in Box
173.Doll (Cloth Body, Porcelain Head, Hands & Feet) Cardboard Nutcracker Box
174.3 Vintage Christmas Tree Toppers 9-10” high
175.12 Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Medium
176.6 Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Medium in Box
177.6 Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Medium
178.Christmas Tree Topper 12.5” high
179.Christmas Decorations, Small Party Candles
180.Christmas Table Runner, Santa Broom, Tall Wooden Bark Snowman
181.Christmas Bows, Linen Napkins, Santa, Bells, Tins
182.2 Sets German Handcrafted Wooden Miniatures in Original Boxes
183.12 Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Medium
184.12 Vintage Christmas Bells
185.7 Vintage Christmas Ornaments
186.Miniature Christmas Ornaments & 4 Christmas Balls
187.Christmas Books & Song Books
188.6 Vintage Spiral Christmas Ornaments
189.6 Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Medium, 6 Vintage Christmas Bells
190.12 Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Medium
191.6 Large Vintage Christmas Ornaments
192.Handmade Nativity Stable (incudes glass panels)
193.10 Vintage Christmas Ornaments
194.12 Small Christmas Ornaments
195.Hermann Goebel Christmas Bear Ornament & Santa Ornament
196.Box of Books (To Catch An Angel signed by Robert Russell)
197.Box of Coffee Table Books (Norman Rockwell)
198.Box of Religious Books (Illustrated Bible for Children, Emily Barnes)
199.Oil Painting, Print, World Map, Wooden Frame
200.Winchester 209 Primer Wooden Box
201.7 Reese Locks (Lancaster)
202.Hand Crocheted Doilies, Bureau Scarves
203.Large Hurricane Globe with stand, Sewing Basket with Strawberry Pin Cushion, Autumn & Christmas Basket
204.Small Decorating Crates, Wooden Tray
205.Galvanized Carrying Tray, Wooden Boxes, Trinket Box
206.Fine Woodworking Magazines from the 1980’s
207.Fine Woodworking Magazines from the 1990’s
208.Fine Woodworking Magazines from the 2000’s including 25th Anniversary
209.PA Dutch American Folk Art by Henry Kauffman 1946/1964
210.Old Table Games (Bonanza, Uncle Wiggly, Pit, Flinch & more)
211.Box of Books (Norman Rockwell, Chevrolet History, Shaker Design)
212.Box of Travel Books (National Parks, Alaska signed by Mark Kelley)
213.Box of Old Books (Robinson Crusoe, 4th Grade Reader, Heidi, Mother Goose, Ledger from 1940’s)
214.Box of Books (Quilting, Birds, Shakers, Barns)
215.Wooden Drying Rack, Folding Luggage Rack
216.(3) 5-Gallon Plastic Water Jugs
217.3 Wooden Boxes
218.Tin Nursery Rhyme Basket (USA), Crayon Tin
219.Miniature Plastic Puzzle Keychains
220.2 Gun Cleaning Kits
221.7 Reese Locks (Lancaster)
222.Lifetime Collection of Homemade Reference Books for Collecting Antiques (Barclay, Christmas Ornaments, Toys, Metals, Matchbox, etc.)
223.Long Handle Wooden Rake (70”)
224.Long Handle 2 Prong Fork
225.2 Pieced Amish Wall Hangings (one unfinished)
226.Assorted Tablecloths including lace one
227.Garden Party Linens - 10 Sets of Card Table Tablecloths, 36 cloth napkins, several long tablecloths included, plastic storage tub included
228.Assorted Silver Serving Dishes & Trays, Chafing Dish, Pitcher (Reed & Barton, Rogers)
229.Linen Tablecloths & Napkins
230.Afghan, Blanket, White Spread (some spots)
231.36” Square Quilted Wall Hanging
232.Woven Placemats & Baskets
233.Books, New Holland History, Baler Manual, Advertising Papers
234.Silver Plated Tea Set, Tray, Shaker, Table Brush
235.Assorted Pictures & Frames (Gottinger)
236.Sewing Basket, Old Woven Basket
237.Box of Books (Birds, Gardening, Rockwell)
238.Box of Collector’s Books (Book on Golden Books, Hummers, Toys, Kitchenware, Primitives, Fishing Lures)
239.Box of Books (Dollhouses, Miniatures)
240.1972 Framed Sampler, Wooden Pail Plant Stand
241.Wooden Wall Cabinet 14”w x 35”h with Door & Drawer (NOTE: door is swollen and does not shut)
242.2 Wooden Children’s SS Class Chairs (by the piece x 2)
243.Hand Painted Plank Bottom Chair
244.Wooden Feed Trough, Wooden Boxes
245.Wooden Ironing Board, Sleeve Board
246.Wooden Egg Crate (stamped "Meshotten"?) 27”w x 13”d x 14”h
247.Old Mirror with Gold Ornate Frame (some damage)
248.Handmade Wooden Roller Sit / Push Toy
249.Wicker Baskets
250.Small Folding Sewing Table 18” h (Paris Mfg Co)